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Y2 AUTUMN 2010 Event Overview


Through collaborations with various people outside the company, the Y2 PROJECT has been publicizing audio and musical technologies developed by Yamaha. As an enjoyable way for the public to learn about our recent endeavors, we held a "Y2 AUTUMN 2010" exhibit at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Odaiba, Tokyo.

This event was submitted as an entry in the Digital Content Expo 2010.
(URL) http://www.dcexpo.jp/programs/y2/ (Japanese)

■Y2 AUTUMN 2010 Event Overview

[ Dates ]
October 14 (Thursday) through October 17 (Sunday), 2010
10:00--17:00 *Times are subject to change or extension depending on location and program.

[ Location ]
National Museum of Emerging Science and Technology (Odaiba, Tokyo)
2-3-6 Aomi, Koutou-ku, Tokyo-to 135-0064

[ Content ]
1) "Announcing an expansion of the VOCALOID platform"

The synthesis engine and database of the VOCALOID vocal synthesis software has been ported to hardware. We introduce technology that delivers the same functionality as VOCALOID, and can be built into various devices.

"iVOCALOID (VOCALOID for iPhone/iPad)"
A version of VOCALOID that runs on the iPhone/iPad has been developed. We introduce technology that makes it easy to enjoy vocal synthesis.

"Singing PaPeRo"
PaPeRo sings using VOCALOID! We introduce the new possibilities of a communicating robot that can talk and sing.

"LSI NSX next-generation sound generator --- a treasure chest of sound"
We introduce the "A-e-i-o-u VOCALOID board" prototype with VOCALOID embedded into a low-power-consumption and low-cost LSI sound generator.

2) "Strategy for expanding the items in the VOCALOID STORE"

"Net VocaListener"
Announcing the long-awaited super tuning tool (which drew much interest on the Nico Nico Douga video sharing site) that reproduces a human voice's character and nuances in VOCALOID. We introduce the concept and a demo.
http://www.yamaha.co.jp/news/2009/09042701.html (Japanese)

Announcing and introducing the VY2 --- the next installment in the popular VY series of Yamaha-branded VOCALOID products.
Information about VY1 http://www.vocaloid.com/VY1.html (Japanese)

3) "NETDUETTO coming soon?"

Announcing new technology that allows music sessions to be held across distant locations via a network such as the Internet, with high audio quality and low latency.
http://www.yamaha.co.jp/news/2010/10100501.html (Japanese)

"Nikoniko Live Session"
Introducing a new service that lets you easily broadcast a session via Nico Nico Live broadcasting in conjunction with NETDUETTO.

"Flet's Remote Music Session (provisional title)"
Introducing higher-grade "next-generation remote music sessions" via NTT's high-speed network (Flet's Optical Next) in conjunction with NETDUETTO.

■ Also held at the same time

Related programs held at the Digital Content Expo 2010

"VOCALOID-P Training Seminar --- You can become an expert!"
VOCALOID developers and celebrities explain how to use desktop music and VOCALOID, and how to post your creations to the Nico Nico Douga video sharing site.

[Date ] October 17, 2010 (Sunday), 10:30--12:00v [Location] Miraikan Hall, 7th floor
[Appearing] Hideki Kenmochi, Tatsuya Iriyama, Katsu Matsumura, Lamaze P, Onikisu Kobayashi, Dios/Signal P

* This program requires pre-registration. Please register via the DCEXPO site.

■ Sponsors (listed alphabetically)
Bplats, Inc. / COSPA Inc. / Crypton Future Media, Inc. / Ikeya Productions / NEC / Nico Nico Douga / Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation