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We participated in Futur en Seine (France)

Futur in Seine is a festival of revolutionary digital content technology and media art held by "Cap Digital," France's largest cluster of digital content and service industries, consisting of more than 600 companies and research institutions.
http://www.futur-en-seine.fr/fens_2011/jp/index.php (Japanese)

We showed demonstrations of VOCALOID and live performances using NETDUETTO at the "JAPAN CREATIVE CAFE" exhibit hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in cooperation with the Digital Content Association of Japan.
http://www.dcexpo.jp/jcc/index.html (Japanese)

Dates: June 23, 2011 (Thursday) -- June 26 (Sunday)

On the first day, the presentation at the JAPAN CREATIVE CAFE was entitled JAPAN EVENING. It was well attended by numerous journalists and VIPs including the mayor of Paris, all of whom showed great interest in Japan's content technology.

The first NETDUETTO Live event held each day was a live performance showcase by the French artist SCRUB FLOWER. Only the drums were set up in a different location, with NETDUETTOβ using an optical connected provided by Orange. The audience was fascinated by the performance with a sense of presence enabled by low latency and high audio quality.

On the final day, Hideki Kenmochi, the creator of VOCALOID, took the platform to present the workings of VOCALOID and the Japanese trends associated with it. He presented an easily comprehensible explanation of how VOCALOID was used in the dance performance of HRP-4C (Miim), the humanoid robot that caused a stir at JAPAN CREATIVE CAFE.