Google I/O 2011

Yamaha Y2 project and Silicon Valley start-up Miselu Inc. (based in Mountain View, CA) announced the possibility of a musical instrument utilizing Android Platform at "Google I/O 2011" at Moscone Center, San Francisco.


The demonstration used a Disklavier (Yamaha's automatic playing piano) and LSI NSX-1 (sound chip for mobile devices) controlled through an Android3.1 tablet. This was realized by MIDI I/O board and an Android-based driver that Miselu has prototyped, utilizing the Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK), the newly announced I/O standard from Google for connecting Android platform devices to peripheral devices.

Disklavier piano played by an application on an Android tablet

LSI NSX-1 prototype board played by an application on an Android tablet

Miselu also made a separate announcement of its concept of an-Android based, and the world's first, social music device. Miselu is planning to release this device late next year.

The world's first social instrument keyboard concept model

Furthermore, Yamaha demonstrated "Remote Live", which is a new way to enjoy live performance from a remote location. Audio, video and MIDI (piano performance) was sent through internet and rendered live on the stage, in full sync with the original performance. Remote Live system is currently in validation phase.

Yamaha and Miselu are planning to develop MIDI and audio processing Android-based software module "Music SDK" which will be necessary for development of music instruments and music production environments on the Android platform.

Google I/O 2011  http://www.google.com/events/io/2011/
Miselu Inc.  http://www.miselu.com/
Yamaha Disklaiver  http://www.yamaha.co.jp/product/piano-keyboard/disklavier/e3/