We will be exhibiting at SXSW Trade Show

We will be showcasing a collaboration of beat tracking technology "Audio Beat Sync" and dance movie generator "MotionScore" at the SXSW Trade Show. In this demonstration, we will generate a dance movie that synchronizes to a human drummer performance.

Audio Beat Sync is Yamaha's new technology that detects beats of a music audio signal that is played in real-time. It is capable of tracking sounds of percussion, drums, bands, club tracks and so on. In this demonstration, Audio Beat Sync is used to detect beats of live percussion performance and sends the beat data to MotionScore. Please see here for more information on Audio Beat Sync.

MotionScore is a new technology developed by Dentsu lab Tokyo. It creates dance motion in accordance with beat. Normally dance motion is divided into a frame by frame unit but this technology divides motion into a beat unit, making this the world's first technology to represent motion on a music score. In this demo, MotionScore receives beat data from Audio Beat Sync and generates a dance motion that synchronizes with live percussion performance.

Audio Beat Sync and MotionScore combined together realize a world where computer generated dancer and human musician can perform together, where there will be a big innovation in the field of music and motion.

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WHEN: Friday, March 11 - Tuesday, March 15
WHERE: Austin Convention Center