RemoteLive Technology Brings Live Piano Performances to Remote Locations

What is RemoteLive™?


RemoteLive is a broadcast technology that delivers video, audio and piano performance information (MIDI) simultaneously to multiple locations through the Internet. Thanks to this technology, piano performances in perfect synchronization with the streamed video and audio can be enjoyed just like as if they were being performed in front of the viewer's eyes, in multiple locations at one time.

We are currently conducting beta-tests primarily in the United States. Our ultimate goal is to refine the technology so that it will be possible for as many people as possible to listen to, perform and enjoy music.

Demo video

Demo video of Intel Corporation's INTEL'S VISIONARY CONFERENCE 2011 
A live performance from Valencia CA (near Los Angeles) was delivered to Washington, DC.

Interview audio (English)

Jim Levesque, Disklavier Marketing Manager of the America Keyboard Division of Yamaha Corporation of America answered some questions in an interview regarding RemoteLive. Visit the link below and click the ">" button above the picture to hear the interview.