Piano Diary

About App

iOS app to support piano practice

Have you ever wished you could share your best performances with your family and your friends? Have you ever wished you could keep a record of your piano performance improvements? Piano Diary is a free iPhone/iPad application designed to manage, archive and share your piano performances.

Record your performance

You can record your daily performances in Piano Diary, for later playback to your instrument; exactly as the you played - or to perform as a duet with yourself! You can easily search and find your performances stored in Piano Diary by date/time or name. Plus, don't worry if you lose your iPhone/iPad, as all performance data is automatically stored to the 'Cloud' in the *Piano Diary servers! Simply log onto Piano Diary with another iPhone/iPad to restore all of your performances!

Monitor your practice time

Do you want to monitor your practice time precisely? Piano Diary will keep track of all important statistics, such as how long you have been playing and how many notes you have played. You can even compare your practice time to other users of Piano Diary.

Title suggestions by similar song search technology

Entering song titles is a bit burdensome especially when you practice the same song over and over again. Title Suggest Function looks for similar songs from the songs you have already recorded and from famous classical music. Please be understanding when it suggests the wrong song, but the more you play, the smarter this function gets! Please help this function remember many song titles.

Upload your performances to YouTube

Do you wish to share your best performances with family and friends? Simply add a slideshow of your favourite photos and automatically upload as a movie to YouTube. Then share the YouTube movie to family and friends over the Internet for playback without Piano Diary.

How to use Piano Diary

In order to use all the features, you need to connect the instrument to your iOS device.
For more information on how to connect, see the iPhone/iPad Connection Manual.

Supported devices

iPhone4s or later, iPod touch 5th generation or later, iPad2 or later

Operating requirements

iOS 9.0 or later is required

Supported instruments

You can use the app together with a suitable cable with any pianos that support MIDI; such as Silent Pianos and pianos with automatic performance capabilities. However, please note, the app is designed specifically for piano, and does not support advanced parameters of more complex MIDI instruments. For details, refer to the FAQ.